The college aims at an integral and personalized training of young men and women through Integral Pedagogy – Context, Experience, Reflection, Action and Evaluation –to be well-motivated teachers who will be intellectually competent, morally upright, socially committed and spiritually inspired.

It is the aim of Balmiki`s Teachers Training that the students who take their training here become well-formed guides who will accompany the young learner on his or her journey of becoming a  fully human person. The college,  therefore, offers an all-around training,  one that is at once intellectual, cultural, social, emotional, physical, aesthetic, moral and spiritual.

The college further aims at promoting values such as respect for Indian common cultural heritage, egalitarianism,  democracy,  secularism,  equality of sexes, protection of the environment, removal of social barriers, responsible use of cybernetics and mass media, transparency and probity in private and public life, observance of small family norms, national unity, and respect for religious and moral values.

In addition, the college aims at conducting in-service programmes for teachers and administrators already working in schools in order to update them on educational issues and findings and to develop the required skills using modern information technology and innovative practices. Besides, the college will undertake documentation and research in relevant educational areas.

1.1 Name of the Institution: Balmiki Teacher`s Training College

1.2 Date of Establishment: 6.8.2010, Trust Regulation 2/6.8.10

1.3 Complete Postal Address: Balmiki Teachers Training College Shanjahanpur P.O Balukaram-844124, Vaishali, Bihar

1.4 Phone: 0622-4229067

1.5 Fax: 0622-4229067

1.6 E-Mail:

1.7 Website Address:

1.8 Nearest Railway Station: Hajipur

1.9 Nearest Town: LalGanj

1.10 Type of Institution: Co-Education

1.11 Status of Institution: Self-Financed

1.12 Management: Board of Director